Proclaiming the Good News

Here at PBC, Sunday School is one of our most important outreach ministries, and Sunday School is a good way to “connect” with others.

There are Sunday School classes for all ages here at PBC. These classes give an opportunity to learn about and study God’s Word, to get involved, and to make new friends. A new class has begun with Alvin and Sandy Kicklighter as leaders for young adults. Come join in the excitement and spiritual growth here at PBC!

Sunday School begins every Sunday morning at 9:45am and we invite visitors to visit the class that best suits their needs. We have classes from the very youngest to our Seniors who are young at heart. We invite you to come. Give Sunday School a try. We are sure you will love it!

Coming in March
Coming in March –  Finding Meaning: Wisdom from Ecclesiastes. This 6-session study unpacks the source of meaning and contentment in life as revealed in the Book of Ecclesiastes. The study is written by Juan Sanchez, senior pastor of High Pointe Baptist Church in Austin, Texas.

Coming in April-He Said What? Hard Sayings of Jesus – This 7-session study examines statements made by Jesus that, at first glance, take us aback. Alex Himaya, the senior pastor of the Church in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, takes upon a deeper inspection of Jesus’ teaching to discover the rich truth He’s given us.

Below are a few updated pictures of our men’s SS class and Women’s SS class and Nursery on 2/12/2017

Men’s SS – David Smith
Nursery 2/12/2017
Nursery 2/12/2017
Women’s SS class – 2/12 /2017