Proclaiming the Good News

Share God’s Word And You’ll Share His Love ¬† “GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD ” Mark 16:15

Imagine life without God’s Word. What if you wanted a copy, but couldn’t afford or find one? What if you didn’t even know it existed? Millions of people are living their lives with no access to the Scriptures. With your help and prayers, we can get God’s Word into their hand.

Every Scripture distributed by The Gideons International is provided through gifts from local churches and individual Christians. The Gideons partner with churches anywhere, to reach the unreached everywhere. Together, we share more than one million copies of God’s Word every five days.

For an investment of about a dollar and a quarter, you can provide for the purchase and placement of a Scripture throughout the world. This includes all costs of getting a Scripture into the hands of someone who needs it.

Bro. Eric Gardner share annually how God is working through The Gideons International in providing and distributing Bibles throughout the world. You can be a part of this great work through your financial support. An offering is accepted through check made to Gideons International or Patterson Baptist Church.

A  bulletin is available at the church with an envelope and more information on The Gideons if you are interested.

The Gideons International

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Nashville, Tennessee


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