Here at PBC, Sunday School is one of our most important outreach ministries, and Sunday School is a good way to “connect” with others.

There are Sunday School classes for all ages here at PBC. These classes give an opportunity to learn about and study God’s Word, to get involved, and to make new friends. A new class has begun with Alvin and Sandy Kicklighter as leaders for young adults. Come join in the excitement and spiritual growth here at PBC!

Sunday School begins every Sunday morning at 9:45am and we invite visitors to visit the class that best suits their needs. We have classes from the very youngest to our Seniors who are young at heart. We invite you to come. Give Sunday School a try. We are sure you will love it!



June 4-July 9 – Thanks to the ever-increasing use of social media, we can appear to have more friends than ever. But do we? We are in constant contact with others, but our lives seem less connected. It’s easy for friends to be friends in name only, lacking any real connection, bond, or authenticity. We were created to live in community-real relationships that are far from superficial-and God has provided us examples and instruction through His Word on how we can move into authentic, real relationships. Alvin L. Reid is the author of this series of lesson.

Coming Next   – Broken Vessels: How God Uses Imperfect People –  July 23 – August 27 -When we break a plate, we simply toss it and get a new one. But what happens when a person is broken? We know what it’s like to be broken, whether through circumstances, poor choices, or our own sin.But God does not treat us like a broken dish: we are broken vessels He desires to fully restore. He desires to do great things in us and through us. God will even use our former brokenness as an avenue of His love and grace into the live of other broken vessel.s Daniel IM is the author of this series of lessons.

Below are a few updated pictures of our men’s SS class and Women’s SS class and Nursery on 2/12/2017

Men’s SS – David Smith

Nursery 2/12/2017

Nursery 2/12/2017

Women’s SS class – 2/12 /2017