August, 2017 – The Children’ Ministry is collecting School Supplies for disadvantaged children at Patterson Elementary School. There ia a box and list of suggestions in the foyer behind the choir loft



Children’s church is offered for children in Pre-kindergarten through 5th grade. They will leave with Chris and Julie Smith after the song service during the Morning Worship Service. The Children’s church room is downstairs past the 2 & 3 year olds room. It is the last door on the left before the OLD Social Hall.

*Children’s Church is currently studying the book, “13 VERY COOL STORIES AND WHY JESUS TOLD THEM”    

The memorable characters in these parables help us to discover Bible Truths that we want children to remember. Bible reading, discussion, games, and engaging activities will be a part of each week/s lesson.      NOTE: This group meets on Wed night


A NURSERY is offered for children ages Birth-2 years. Exit the sanctuary on the left side by the paint, turn right, then turn left….The nursery is down the hall on the right.


Bible drills class is offered for children in Kindergarten-grade 5. This class meets in the gym 6:00 – 7:00 PM on Sunday nights...

Bible Explorers 3’s thru Kindergarten meets in 2 & 3 year old’s room



If you would like a T-shirt contact Opal Taylor at 590-5962 or Dreama Leggett at 614-1716


Children’s Mini Camp (EVENINGS) is June 26th-30th for grades k-5th.


Winshape for Children – grades 1st-5th –   is June 5th – 9th


Thank you to everyone who helped make our Fund Raiser for Summer Camp last Sunday night such a success. We are happy to announce that we collected over $1,585.00

Chris and Julie 


Children’s Departments – Wednesday evening February, 2017

Children K-5th grade are having a Lock-In from 6PM on February 17th through 8:30AM on February 18th. If you have any questions call Julie Smith at 912-670-1509  


Hearts for Haiti
HEARTS FOR HAITI Who wants to be a part of HEARTS FOR HAITI? Well you can. Our Mission Friends are making that possible. On February 12th all of our Sunday services there will be tables filled with homemade goodies and sweets for donations. We hope you will open your hearts and be a part of HEATS FOR HAITI!

Below are pictures from the 2/12/2017 Fund Raiser  – HEARTS FOR HAITI – sponsored by Mission Friends.  It was a great success!


   Events for Children


    Crusaders For Christ Basketball/Games begin at 10:00am each Saturday morning/Special Forces game at 2:00PM


We have a full and exciting ministry for children here at PBC. Vacation Bible Schools, camps, trips, Bible Drills and many other activities are planned to meet the needs of our boys and girls.  A nursery is offered for children ages Birth-2 years. Exit the sanctuary on the left side by the piano, turn right, then turn left. The nursery is down the hall on the right.

A young children’s room is offered for children ages 2-4. Exit the sanctuary  & down the hall on the left and young children’s room is on the left. This room doubles as the Sunday School room. However, your children are welcome to stay in the sanctuary, if you prefer.

Children’s church(offered for children in Pre-kindergarten through 5th grade) is offered during the morning worship service for children in pre-K through fifth grade.(we are studying BELIEVE: KID’S EDITION) Children sit together on the front pew to participate in worship service music before exiting to go upstairs with Chris and Julie Smith after the song service. The Children’s church room is upstairs and their Sunday School classrooms are across the hall from Children’s church.

In Children’s Church we are studying Believe: Kid’s Edition. Every child should clearly know what they believe and say. They should know how to practice their faith and have an understanding of God’s vision for them. Each week we visit stories from both the Old and New Testaments.

Bible drills class is offered for children in Kindergarten-grade 5. This class meets in the gym 6:00 – 7:00pm on Sunday nights.

Sunday School, missions, choir programs and all programs and activities help lay a strong spiritual foundation for our children. Our purpose is to provide experiences so children will grow to know God’s love and to choose to live for Him.

For further information contact Chris Smith at (912)592-1399 or Julie Smith at (912)670-1509


Chris Smith gave a report on the Mini Camp and a good time was had by all! The kids went to the tree house each day to learn about Jesus. 40 Children participated and 12 adults & 6 teenagers helped. Many crafts were made and all was geared to learning about Jesus.



WEDNESDAY evening activities for all ages of children

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*Children will be learning in the month of October that God’s plan is perfect. ..tonight’s lesson is about baby Moses. ..hope to see all kids ages 2-4. 6:30 TONIGHT WEDNESDAY

14484844_10207159151394039_5571541937621862966_n-2Activity posted by Linda Lee Sweat for Wednesday, *Oct.5, 2016‎‎ to Patterson Baptist Church GA
Kids in grades 1-5 at PBC will be learning what God’s word teaches us about Courage during October! Hope to see all kiddos tonight at 6:30! Bible verse for the month is Joshua 1:9.


Exciting things are happening on Wednesday evenings at PBC. Below are a few pictures of small groups

Great to see so many Christian adult leaders in out Children’s Ministry. Thank you. You are doing a great service for our youngsters. Sybil Lee13934977_1116162581763295_7580515671526748964_n 13895496_1116162585096628_6051159263033526096_n 14192145_1138221992890687_600754708181899830_n 14199642_1138222016224018_2082649420901713390_n 14141888_1138222042890682_4412007085146934922_n 14117948_1138222066224013_404432272928447205_n 14117866_1138222086224011_3014407908629200402_n 14183673_1138222109557342_3173200097239101942_n 14225565_1144112472301639_8917600158099504127_n 14212151_1144112512301635_7622753748276172059_n 14199488_1144112568968296_6502653478202312676_n 14264837_1144112595634960_4738565401080443902_n 14264888_1144112645634955_129971529010907999_n 14192141_1144112622301624_3467270042229097052_n 14199290_1144112695634950_3087351781448132031_n 14192174_1144112722301614_5112107691147025773_n 14265026_1144112748968278_3293612107730519552_n 14370276_1149715845074635_8791320384380227903_n 14358975_1149715965074623_2774922065645811690_n 14364913_1149716071741279_8768066784287485993_n 14370021_1149716228407930_4955867471261943043_n 14354972_1155630854483134_5361759441195942587_n 14359226_1155631671149719_364760357712607484_n 14224929_1138450452867841_432076896029364183_n 14232386_1138450492867837_8342244971857034843_n 14359012_1155632031149683_1476676209746533194_n 14045907_1138450412867845_4241794920715508360_n 14359226_1155631671149719_364760357712607484_n 14440875_1155632244482995_5531639659745116803_nIMG_4046Choir practice


IMG_4053Big group of older kids-learning how to apply Bible teachings

Back to School Bash 2016

Back to School Bash 2016 Back to School Bash 2016


Our Dedicated Leaders of Children’s Ministry Thank you Julie and Chris

Statement on FB byLillian DuPont

Chris and Julie are the best. They are dedicated and go above and beyond to make sure our children learn about the bible and have fun while learning. They give much of their time planning and getting ready for their next event. We appreciate you both so much and Patterson Baptist Church is blessed to have both of you.

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